C7 Web Site Design – 8 C’s that make a Website Sticky

An effective website design may give high traffic to website. The number of visit of the users will increase the traffic of your site. Then automatically you can get the profit to your business. If the website is good and meet all the requirements of the users, then the users like to stay long time on your website. The longer time they stay likelier to buy anything in your website or order anything thing he like. The toronto web design company offers c7 web site design and development services at affordable prices.

Website design – 8 c’s

If your design make to spend more time on the website and coming back again to review your site, then here are the 8 C’s to implement the website most effectively.

  1. Content Management System

The website’s content should be unique and meaningful. Don’t copy any other site’ information in to your website and don’t hyper link to any other websites.

Content with RSS feed, sms and e-mails to the target audience and link to the relevant pages to redirect to another specified page.

Interactive website design may give users spends more time to stay on your website.

  1. Communication

Put your contact details on your website to get in touch with the customers. Use an email notifier to know the updates of your website. You may create blog post daily and give a chance to user to write comment about your blog and also know the need of the users through the comments.

  1. Community

Include social networking site in your website to engage with the people. You have to create social networking profile for your business to get in touch with the users. Many of the people always stay connected in social media sites. So, its easy to connect with them while you put social media plug-ins in your website.

  1. Commerce

Customers are always looking for online shopping. They purchase anything online via credit cards and debit card etc. Design a secure user accounts to provide secure payments online for the users.

  1. Customization

Allow visitors to customize the landing pages to ensure website design.

  1. Choice

Allow product customization option for registered users. Many websites offers wide selection of products and gives more options to the customers. The selection should be based on the choice of the customer.

  1. Convenience

Remove dead links and unwanted data to your website and the hyperlinks of the website should be less than 3 links. Avoid spam words to create the best website.

  1. Cost

Offer discounts and special costs for online purchase of products or allow advanced booking options.

These are the 8 C’s to consider during the design of your website. The professional web designing company should meet all these factors to give effective website. A professional designer should follow all these 8c’s and user requirements to create innovative web site. The user pays attention to the website when the website meets the user’s requirements. The look and feel of the website also give attractive look.

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